Show them who you really are.

You’re different from the competition. Prove it by telling brand stories. We’re here to help.

Articulating your competitive difference

The differentiation challenge

Most expert business owners struggle to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Here’s why.

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It’s crowded

There are heaps of other providers that offer very similar products, services and pricing models.

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Everyone’s an expert

And they’ve all written the same “how to” articles targeting the same keywords that your SEO agency is advising you to go after.

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Old dogs rule

You’re new. Other established players may have been around for decades. They have mature brands and a proven track record.

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Talk is cheap

Your competitors all promise similar experiences. For example, “We’ll really listen to your needs”. Empty words. Customers need proof.

Who needs help the most?

Solution: A Deck of Stories

Your stories. Client stories. Even cat stories!

Whether your deck is a PowerPoint presentation, downloadable PDF or landing page, storytelling is the most powerful tool small businesses can use to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Here’s how stories help.

First impressions are only skin deep. We’re told that it takes only 7-seconds before the beholder’s mind is made up. Stories are a powerful way to break through the prejudice and allow people to understand who you really are as a human being. Human connections.

You are in the your profession for the right reasons. Plus, you’re passionate about it. Storytelling allows you to express that neatly to a prospective client. Finding like minded matches can only happen when you share stories.

Step by step process explanations and charts have limited efficacy. Prospective clients understand that unexpected things happen along the way in all professional relationships. Telling your client stories allows prospects to see themselves in the shoes of your past clients. Stories impart assurance.

Humans retain 10% of information when given to them as statistics, but 70% when it is relayed via a story.

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Best kept secret: stories boost revenue

Boost in conversion rate when using stories
Will pay more for a product with a story
Will pay more for a great customer experience
Our Story Deck Product

Who needs a story deck?

Not everyone.

While everyone needs to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors, some solo-entrepreneurs and businesses could benefit from a deck more than others. Here are some examples for whom we think a story deck can be super helpful.

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Architects: Deep Collaborations

No two architects truly offer the same service. While the job is technical, each architect has its own influences and philosophy. When a prospective client is seeking a service PLUS a collaborative experience, a story deck can be a powerful tool to give leads a preview.

Other similar professionals: Business Coaches.

Real Estate Agents: Ethics & Values

The real estate industry is notoriously known to be full of slippery, untrustworthy agents. Beyond impressive “recent sales”, vendors are looking for trustworthy sales agents to list their properties with. Smaller agents can prove their values using the stories they tell.

Other similar professionals: Accountants

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Stylists: Trust & Vulnerability

Where services require clients to be vulnerable with themselves or reveal very private information, business owners can use stories to demonstrate the pathways of previous clients. A deck can be a powerful tool that offers assurance, comfort and confidence.

Other similar professionals: Bookkeepers

4 Coffees, 1 Deck

“Who the Deck Are You?”

Over 2 intimate coffees, we aim to get to know you and your business intimately. Over another 2 coffees we’ll curate, create and capture magic together, landing on a pitch deck that you can be proud and confident to wield.

Content includes

  • Your story – show them how amazing you really are

  • Client stories – give them heroes they can relate and aspire to

  • Call to Actions – invite them into the story

Deliverable Options

9 – 15 slide

PowerPoint presentation

5 – 8 page printable /

downloadable Brochure

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3 months later – the last coffee

Review, Refine, Refresh

It’s not over! We’re not done yet! After you’ve taken your deck out for a spin, let’s regroup for another coffee (yes!) to refine it further. Capitalise on those learnings!

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