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Step Into Your Story

Brand storytelling workshop to connect, create and convert

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What brand stories do:
Boost in conversion rate
Increase in perceived value
Increase in buying intent
Pricing: willing to pay this much more

Unlock the power of storytelling

Storytelling has the power to inspire, attract and build trust. And, most importantly, storytelling has the power to connect you with the right audiences and convert them to long-term customers.

How? By bringing what you do and how you do it to life through real-life customer success stories. Demonstrating what you offer and how it transforms your customer’s day-to-day.

Designed to give you hands-on storytelling knowledge, this workshop will teach you what stories to tell when, how to tell these stories, and get real-life practice with a storytelling expert.

Today is the day to tell your story. Unlock the power of your story and transform your business.

Let’s do this!

Why do a storytelling workshop?

Did you know that people are 22x more likely to remember facts when they’re part of a story? And your conversion rates increase by 30% when using storytelling techniques? Customers are also willing to pay 6x more for products that come with stories.

These are just a few examples of the power you could unlock with storytelling!

Join our workshop and learn brand storytelling techniques with a storytelling expert, giving you hands-on experience to help you:

Your story is worth telling. It’s time to invest in you and your business, and Step Into Your Story.

To put your storytelling knowledge into practice, this workshop includes a two hour post-workshop session with your brand trainer.

Together we can unlock your brand story and put your business in the spotlight. Creating better connections, building brand loyalty, and improving your conversions.

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Who has the brand storytelling workshop been designed for?

Not sure if you have a story to tell, or how to find it?

Lack storytelling confidence, or perhaps just aren’t sure how to storytell?

Want to create stronger (stickier) customer relationships and improve your conversion rates?

Have a complex or technical service or product offerings?

This workshop is for you.

Whether you’ve never heard of brand storytelling before, know a little bit, or want to be a better storyteller, this workshop has been designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals who want to harness the power of storytelling. Helping you create more meaningful customer connections, build long-term trust and relationships, and turn those connections into conversions.

A storytelling workshop, designed with you in mind…

Male accountant

Professional service providers

  • Accountants and bookkeepers

  • Real estate buyer and vendor advocates

  • Financial planners and business advisors

  • Managed IT services

  • Legal and financial services

Female entrepreneur

Business owners and entrepreneurs

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs focused on growth

  • Businesses looking to rebrand or reposition themselves in the market

  • Businesses needing to improve customer retention and conversion rates

  • Shy or introverted business owners looking to grow storytelling confidence

Female marketer

Marketing and brand professionals

  • Teams looking to enhance their content strategy

  • Professionals wanting to learn storytelling techniques

  • Marketing and brand professionals

  • Businesses looking to enhance their brand awareness

Take your content to the next level and enrol in a brand storytelling 1:1, group or team workshop today.

Let’s do this!

What’s the content and pricing of the storytelling workshop?

This collaborative workshops can be done in 3 ways: Live Group Workshops, 1:1 sessions, and team workshops.

Whatever the format, the workshops include practical knowledge, fun exercises and concrete deliverables.

Check out the content and pricing by toggling your preferred option below:

Workshop day 1: Attract & Nurture Trust

Concepts you’ll learn in this session:

  • Brand story model 1: Your Professional / Founder Story
    • Leverage history to express your unique proposition
    • Create bios that attract and connect with the right audiences
  • Brand story model 2: Your Hero Client Story
    • Build trust with leads
    • Express your value proposition clearly and simply
    • Distilling key brand messages from client stories

Brand assets you’ll create in this session:

  • A new biography for your social profiles
  • “About Us” page content
  • A founder story video

Workshop day 2: Convert & Inspire Connections

Concepts you’ll learn in this session:

  • Brand story model 3: Your Company Story

    • How to answer “What can you do for me?”
    • How to uniquely differentiate your company and show relevance
  • Distilling key brand messages from client stories
  • Creating compelling client and community stories
    • How to express your brand values and personality

Brand assets you’ll create in this session:

  • Client case study article
  • A client story social post
  • A community story social post

Pricing: $1.3k or $475 x3 monthly instalments (+GST)

*early bird discounts available for enrolments 2-months prior to start date

Perfect for business owners wanting 1:1 time, introverts or those a little shy when it comes to storytelling. A personalised one-to-one workshop with storytelling expert Manesh.

Besides the material in the Group Workshop, our 1:1 program can be tailored to your specific needs:

  • preparing for a talk
  • preparing for a podcast / interview / public forum
  • preparing for a video shoot

Package and pricing options:

  • 5 sessions for $1.5k (+GST)
  • 10 sessions for $2.4k (+GST)
Storytelling workshops tailored to your small business, marketing, brand or sales teams. Held in-person or virtually, with custom dates to suit you.

The program is tailored based on your specific needs.

Package and pricing options on request.

Storytelling workshop at a glance

  • 2-day workshop

  • 1:1, group and team workshop options

  • Virtual and in-person sessions available (for 1:1)

  • Hands-on workshop with practical experience

  • Create 5 custom storytelling assets, including a video

  • Real-time feedback and storytelling advice

  • 2-hour complimentary session with storytelling expert

Your story is waiting for you. Register your place and unleash the true power of your story.

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Your storytelling workshop trainer: Manesh

Marketing Strategist – Brand Storyteller – Filmmaker

I believe everyone has a story to tell. Yes – even you reading this! Learning how, when and where to tell your story will transform your business, help you attract the right audiences, build trust, and improve your bottom line.

My storytelling superpower started in film and television. After creating award-winning content for a number of series, I took everything I learnt and founded a full-service digital agency.

While I loved working with some big-hitting brands across Australia and the Asia Pacific, I discovered my passion was storytelling and guiding small and medium businesses to better ways to tell their story. This storytelling obsession led to the creation of Catalyst Content, with an audience-focused, human approach to content.

When I’m not weaving together stories you can find me in Hawthorn, hitting tennis balls with my Francophile daughters Ash and Serena (not their real names, of course!).

I can’t wait to meet you at an upcoming storytelling session and help you unlock the full power of your story.

Let’s step into your story together.

Invest in yourself, enrol today

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After filling up this form you will receive an email from us with the next steps that you’ll need to take including payment and some preparation.

Let’s get your brand stories out there!

Submit this enrolment application and we’ll get back to you before your next big story happens!


Ready to have some fun and step into the spotlight. Be brave! You can totally do this!

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