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Is ChatGPT the Answer to Your Content Marketing Problem?

Content Marketing|

Everybody is talking about it. It's easy to think that this AI tool is the silver bullet, the game changer. The problem is that sustainable content creation is tough. And secretly we all desperately want to be saved. :) But is ChatGPT our content creating saviour? Is it going to enable us to spread our digital marketing wings with confidence and see some success? Pop a panadol and read on.

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The Platinum Rule of Content Marketing

Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy|

Treat others as you want to be treated? Not at all - please arrest this thought!! We've all learned the golden rule and many of us strive to live it. But the truth is - we're not all wired the same! Person A and Person B may not WANT to be treated in the same way. Some people welcome criticism and others don't. Some want to talk it out and work through while others need space and time to reflect.

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