SEO is not about keywords

Google is trying to deliver search results that offer searching users the most relevant information. So, focusing on audiences is a more meaningful approach to better search results ranking.

A business that cares about its audience will prioritise addressing their search needs. What are your specific audiences’ needs, motivations and pain points? What are they searching for?

Our Approach to Marketing
Young Manesh or Himesh Nesaratnam

“A page-1 Google rank is the natural consequence of an audience-first approach to content. Genuinely support your audience on their journey with your brand and ranking will follow.”

Manesh Nesaratnam

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Our Content Development Process

We make it easy with bulk development

Posting regularly keeps your business front of mind. But small businesses have no time for regular content development.

We focus on building up a content bank for our clients. Here is how we do it.

Most businesses have a few different audiences. Mapping each buyer personas needs, pain points and motivations is critical because it allows messaging to be more targeted and relevant.

We help our clients identify what each personas’ frequently asked questions are. What are they searching for? We try to understand what can of content will add value to their lives?

Based on the needs of the different buyer personas, we help our clients identify content themes, usually falling into these broad categories:

Expertise Stories – technical insights into the product or service

Evidence Stories – case studies and proof of how the product or service works / unfolds

Ingredients Stories – understanding the differentiation of a particular product or service as it relates to the business

Based on the themes and competitor research, we brainstorm the different topics that our clients can address. We often end up with a long list of ideas that need to be prioritised depending on various factors.

We do not pretend to be the technical experts of any business. We access the genius of the organisation at “download” sessions. This is essentially where the internal subject matter experts talks to each specific topic and educated an experienced writer on the topic.

The expert writer then goes on to draft this content in a way that is best structured for both online consumption (readability) and technical SEO factors.

This is then submitted to the subject matter expert within the business for review and editing.

Once the article is approved, the content is pre-published on the website and scheduled for automatic publishing based on a pre-agreed content calendar.

Data reveals insights. The best performing content is also an indicator of audience needs and preferences. Under-performing pages and content can be tweaked and optimised for improved outcomes.

SEO Article Pricing

Bulk Development + On-Going Optimisation

The best businesses understand that content development is just the beginning. Publishing regularity and messaging consistency in matter. Brand identity evolves with every post and each conversation that it catalyses.

We help clients develop their SEO content and systematically grow their brand.

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