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Executive Storytelling

Unleash the potential of your people

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The Leadership Gap

Storytelling is part of human DNA, but to convey a story that inspires, excites, and compels people to take action is a masterful skill – one that all leaders need right now.

Studies reveal a massive disconnect between leaders and their teams globally, leaving employees feeling no emotional or psychological connection to their workplace.

What the studies are telling about employee trust and engagement:

of employees are engaged in their jobs
of employees trust their employers

Gallup State of the Global Workplace report

Edelman Trust Barometer

Be memorable, connect authentically and inspire others. You’re ready to tell your story.

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The Power of Executive Storytelling

Executive Storytelling gives Leaders the power to welcome their people into the story of the business so they can figure out their own place inside of it, and how they can contribute to the bigger picture success of the business.

Executive Storytelling will help you:

Enquire now for a customised workshop for your leadership team that suits your industry and organisation.

Improve your executive storytelling skills with 1:1 coaching or group workshops.

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Client Story: From Zero to Xero Roadshow!

How we helped Chris unleash his storytelling potential and get noticed…

Male client looking nervous

Smart but struggling to connect

Chris is charismatic, switched-on and smart. He knew he was “thought leader material”, did great in 1:1 settings, but after a hit-and-miss podcast and a lacklustre presentation, realised he needed storytelling support.

Male client doing a podcast

Knowledge + techniques + practice

We helped him: 1) know what stories to tell, 2) learn how to tell them, and 3) practice through podcast appearances, speeches and presentations. Chris’ confidence grew with each storytelling opportunity larger than the last.

Male client in speaking engagement

Thought leadership at the largest stage

After a few months of 1:1 coaching, practice and progressively positive appearances, Chris was ‘discovered’, invited and will now be speaking at Xero Roadshow, Melbourne 2023!

Are you ready to learn how to control the narrative and exert positive influence?

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My journey as a storyteller

Actor – Writer – Filmmaker – Advertising, Marketing & Communication Specialist

FADE IN: A montage – I’m mostly alone in cinema after cinema. My happy place. I’m having visceral reactions – laughing out loud, sobbing, nauseated, thrilled, shamelessly and joyfully exclaiming. My then-girlfriend tags along and tries to get romantic, but I swat her hand away. “I get it – it’s your temple,” the penny finally drops.

YEARS LATER: It looks like I am blue and bent over the director’s monitor with an acute heart-attack. Relax – I’m just out of breath from stifling my laugh. The actors I’m working with understood my direction and we’ve brought to life SUCH a funny scene that I can’t inhale to call “Cut!” A year later my TV show would win Best Comedy Series.

INTERCUT: Between TV jobs, I founded and ran a full-service digital agency. My team and I loved working with some big-hitting corporates across Asia Pacific. I do the same in Australia for SMEs. Discovering and retelling client stories is electrifying!

INTERMISSION(S): My Francophile daughters and I shoot shuttlecocks across a busy badminton hall, bush walk by our camp site, bake brownies and, of course, watch lots of movies together.

SMASH CUT: A montage – coffee upon coffee, meeting after meeting. Melbourne is a blur of SME business owners and executives. We talk strategy a LOT. They come out of meetings with a spring in their step, I’ve teased their genius of out hiding. The joy and respect are mutual. It’s the drug I chase.

Their stories hit the market, and the positive feedback is often immediate. They touch hearts, build trust, win clients – why are they so surprised! We could talk-up the incredible ROI, but that’s down-playing the real value of their stories, which can’t be expressed by a number.


Let’s talk – ask me anything!

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Ready to have some fun and step into the spotlight. Be brave – you can totally do this!

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Other examples of how stories have helped our clients.

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Let’s Make Things Happen

It begins with a conversation. You don’t need a complete vision. Just a desire to do better.

“…absolute superb service, delivery and quality for our website. The development was very smooth and heard every small detail that i wanted to display and guided me on the best way to display this to our clients. Our website turned out amazing and it is everything that i wanted it to be…”


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