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Manesh Nesaratnam

Marketing Consultant  |  Brand Storyteller
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I believe everyone has a story to tell. Yes – even you reading this!

Learning how, when and where to tell your story will transform your business, help you attract the right audiences, build trust, and improve your bottom line.

My storytelling superpower started in film and television. After creating award-winning content for a number of series, I took everything I learnt and founded a full-service digital agency.

While I loved working with some big-hitting brands across Australia and the Asia Pacific, I discovered my passion was storytelling and guiding small and medium businesses to better ways to tell their story. This storytelling obsession led to the creation of Catalyst Content, with an audience-focused, human approach to content.

When I’m not weaving together stories you can find me in Hawthorn, hitting tennis balls with my Francophile daughters Ash and Serena (not their real names, of course!).

I can’t wait to meet you at an upcoming storytelling session and help you unlock the full power of your story.

Let’s step into your story together.


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