The Brief – Establishing A Credible Service in a Crowded Space

A national peak body of medical specialists approached us in 2018 to create a completely new brand and website that was public facing. This Association wanted to furnish a broad public audience with the best, high-quality, academic research around issues related to their field of specialisation.

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The Challenge – A Busy, Competitive Digital Landscape

Our initial research revealed a highly competitive keyword landscape. Our client required very popular keywords with high search difficulty scores.

Pharmaceuticals and boutique wellness companies were targeting these same keywords to sell a range of products. To make matters more challenging, similar American and European medical associations had competing websites with a lot of content cross-over.

As a not-for-profit, our client had limited financial resources at their disposal. But we worked to capitalise on their strengths.

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Our Strategy – Leveraging Relationships

Technical SEO optimisations aside, our client focused on 3 things:

  • Creating Quality Content

  • Multi-channel Engagement

  • Meaningful Backlinking

1. Creating Quality Content

Keeping their audience firmly in mind, we identified themes that needed to be addressed. Against each theme we then brainstormed a long list of topics to write about.

Armed with this list, the Association reached out to its network of members (both clinicians and academics) to source appropriate and willing writers. Within weeks articles began to flow in.

2. Multi-Channel Engagement

These articles were published on the new website on a fortnightly basis. They were also cross-published on the corresponding Google MyBusiness listing. Finally, a monthly email newsletter pushed these articles to subscribers – both internal members of the association and the public.

3. Meaningful Backlinking

Finally, to get their domain authority score up in the eyes of Google, the Association made the strategic choice to focus on meaningful backlinking. Rather than approach directories across the board, it leveraged existing professional relationships to focus on related websites with the highest domain authority.

Organic Traffic

The Results

After the initial launch mid-2019, the website base-lined about 2,500 impressions a month with about 5 clicks.

After a year of SEO activity, the website was making 212,000 organic impressions a month on Google, rendering about 1,400 clicks.

A year later, the website is now making 1,700,000 organic impressions a month, of which 11,000 clicks come through!

That’s the power of a genuine approach to organic SEO.

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