Audience, Not Ads

A customers’ needs and experience must be the centre of all marketing activities.

How We See It
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“SEO is superficially about keywords. We optimise for audiences.”

Manesh Nesaratnam

Owner & Strategist, Catalyst Content

A Tiny Shift in Perspective,

A Major Change in Approach

Here are 5 ways we see things differently. As a result, we approach marketing unlike any other digital agency.

Buyer Personas Evolve

You have multiple distinct buyers. Even for the same product. Being able to define your buyers with specificity will empower you to address their needs more effectively. What do they want? Problems and pain points? Motivations?

But as the marketplace changes, so do your buyers. Over time, the better you understand them, the better you are able to tailor your communications to meaningfully engage them.

We are always seeking to understand with greater specificity: who is this persona? So rather than mere engagement, we prioritise conversations. Customer discovery is a lifelong habit.

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Long Customer Journeys

Sales cycles are long, nonlinear and complex. Generally, customers are said to go through these stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Delight
  • Advocacy

Helping customers with their needs gaps in relation to your product empowers them to make more informed decisions.

Trust is Earned

Ads erodes trust. No one wants to be sold at. Which is why brands are obsessed about authenticity.

Leads will naturally make a purchase decision when they are confident in the brand, product and value proposition.

But, authenticity is not a messaging technique.

Respecting the customer is top priority. Authenticity is the habit of ensuring that every single nugget of content adds value to the customer’s life.

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Giving is Receiving

Buyers are evaluating a brand with every interaction. Will the brand deliver on its promise?

When companies are short sighted, they view marketing as a cost centre and fall into the trap of rushing to extract value from the customer.

The best brands view marketing as a revenue centre. It is a long-term investment that fuels the bottom line. As such, we take the approach that 80% of marketing collateral must give something of genuine value to the audience: knowledge & expertise. Call to Actions should only make up 20% of the messages.

Whispering Into Noise

It is a busy marketplace.

Your competitors are noisy.

But getting into a shouting match is not the answer. Louder isn’t always better.

Like at a party, if someone is talking about something of interest across the room, you hear it. Our brains are able to tune in to the subject that matters most to us.

We encourage brands to pitch their products using cocktail messaging – singing many and varied value-proposition messages.

Not all messages will stick. But the right ones will resonate with the right leads.

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Manesh Nesaratnam

Marketing Consultant // Brand Storyteller

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