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Actionable Marketing Strategy

Actionable Marketing Strategy2023-09-27T15:26:56+10:00
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Costly marketing mistakes.

We’ve heard countless horror stories. It is no surprise that serious business owners are skeptical about marketing.

Here are some of the most common marketing mistakes that we’ve come across:

Please don’t make these mistakes.

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Bad marketers sell hope. Good marketers talk ROI. Keep your marketing companies honest by having the hard conversation that matters to your bottom line.

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Marketing works wonders when you get strategic

Marketing can help your business can thrive. Especially when there is a clear strategy behind your effort. Here’s what getting strategic about your marketing can do for your business:

Don’t waste any more time and money on marketing that’s not delivering results. Talk to us about how to get strategic with your marketing!

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How to create an actionable marketing strategy with us

We’ve seen the two extremes.

1) Thick, dense and exhaustive marketing strategies. Intimidating documents. Impossible to execute.

2) Broad, light and vague marketing strategies. Impotent documents. Loose and aimless.

We’ve kept it inspiring and practical.

Real results can only come when you genuinely connect with your audiences, build trust and make a meaningful value proposition. Get strategic about how you market!

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How being strategic has helped our clients.

  • Man standing on glass platform on top of building looking down on ground at daytime

Off-the-charts ROI | The Power of a SINGLE Story

A very ambitious but focused brief... 4 years ago a height safety client (let's call them Heaven for ease) came to us with a very specific request. Heaven had an existing relationship with a shopping centre ...

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500 New Clients in Under 7 Months

Buying a new business is a terrifying thing to do. You're outlaying a large (but limited) amount of capital. And the risk of failure is real. Towards the end of last year, one of our clients ...

Psssttt… Don’t tell your existing marketing company, but we LOVE talking ROI. Give us a go!

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What is the content of an actionable marketing strategy?

Actionable Marketing Strategy Components

  • Branding snapshot

  • Audiences, Journeys & Stories

  • Competitor Analysis, Positioning & Differentiation

  • Digital Asset Audit & Recommendations

  • Tactics, Ideas and Funnels

  • Resourcing & Prioritisation

  • ROI Estimation, KPI Tracking & Content Planning Tools

Your strategist: Manesh

Marketing Consultant – Brand Storyteller

My storytelling superpower began as a filmmaker. I’ve created hundreds of hours of video content and reached millions of eyeballs all around the world. I’ve shot in the desserts of the Arabian Peninsula, in pirate infested waters of South East Asia and in concrete jungles of the Pacific.

While I loved working with some big-hitting brands across Australia and the Asia Pacific, I discovered my passion was guiding small and medium businesses to better ways to tell their story. This storytelling obsession led to the creation of Catalyst Content, with an audience-focused, real-human approach to content marketing.

When I’m not weaving together stories you can find me in Hawthorn, hitting tennis balls with my Francophile daughters Ash and Serena (not their real names, of course!).

I can’t wait to meet and discover you over an “Hour of Power”. That’s why the session is free!

Let’s talk marketing ROI.


How is the marketing strategy “actionable”?2022-10-31T13:20:59+10:00

Upon receiving the final strategy document and database of ideas, the business will clearly know what steps to take next and have a guide on how to execute it all.

Beyond just theory, the “actionable” strategy will lay out the next steps ahead.

An internal marketing director will be able to implement the strategy without the help of Catalyst Content.

How long does it take to create an Actionable Marketing Strategy?2022-10-31T13:24:02+10:00

We take between 10 -13 weekly meetings to develop the strategy with the client.

We have found that anything shorter is too simplistic for most SMEs and therefore meaningless. Also, to drag out the strategy longer risks fatigue, losing inspiration / momentum and becoming overly complicated.

1 quarter (13 weeks) is the sweet spot.

Will I get publishable content out of the strategy exercise?2022-10-31T13:28:22+10:00

No – you will not have any articles, social posts, graphics or videos at the end of this exercise.

The purpose of the strategy is to guide the content creation.

At the end of the strategy exercise, your business will have:

  • clarity on the key messages (for both differentiation and building trust)
  • clarity on the brand story (both company and client)
  • clarity on what strategies to deploy
  • lots of ideas of pieces of content that could be created (including topics and themes)

Upon completion of the strategy exercise, the above may be transformed into content separately.

What happens after we create an Actionable Marketing Strategy?2022-10-31T13:31:07+10:00


Once your strategy is in place, you can either implement it internally or engage Catalyst Content to assist with its implementation.

The implementation activities include:

  • refreshing the website
  • creating campaigns (articles, social posts, emails)
  • creating journeys / sequences (both nurture and sales)
  • creating graphic templates for social channels (banners, posts, carousels, etc.)
Will I be able to execute the strategy without Catalyst Content?2022-10-31T13:32:20+10:00

Absolutely! Download a sample Actionable Marketing Strategy to know what to expect in the document. It is simple and executable.

What is the purpose of an “Hour of Power” meeting with Catalyst Content?2022-11-08T09:46:50+10:00

The goal is to help you identify what kind of marketing tactics will help you achieve your business goals.

What is an “Hour of Power”?2022-11-08T09:46:03+10:00

An “Hour of Power” is a big picture marketing meeting with an expert marketing consultant and strategist. It’ll help you take stock and move ahead on marketing with confidence.

How much is an “Hour of Power”?2022-11-08T09:45:17+10:00

$750. But for the next 1 month we are offering it at $500 only. Don’t miss out – book now!

What will I get out of an “Hour of Power”?2022-11-08T09:44:19+10:00

Over 2 contact hours you will get expert insights and marketing advice that will save you lots of precious money and time. You will know how your marketing is performing and what strategies and tactics to execute next.

What’s the catch? What happens after the “Hour of Power”?2022-11-08T09:42:50+10:00

The Hour of Power is designed to be high-level. Where Catalyst Content can add further value after an Hour of Power, we invite select businesses to get nitty-gritty and engage us for an Actionable Marketing Strategy. Far more value can be unlocked with this 10-week program.

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