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You say marketing, we say connecting!storytelling!inspiring!

We inspire connections between people and brands. Through stories. Then they grow.

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Where businesses get disconnected

Avoid these 5+1 common marketing mistakes

What our clients say

The team at Catalyst have helped us transform our business. They’ve managed to completely reinvigorate the way we brand the company all the way from our marketing strategy, to our website migration, and content marketing/social media.

Male accountantKyle, Workplace Access
Amazing experience in strategic digital marketing planing! Already seeing the results and I would highly recommend Catalyst Content to any business owner!
Manesh or HimeshHootan, Vet in Whitehorse, VIC
I was blown away by Manesh’s research and understanding of not only our business but our competitors. Manesh brought great enthusiasm and humour to our sessions and made the journey really enjoyable. I went into the first session kicking and screaming, but was converted day 1 and was totally engaged in the process. The end result has firmly put our business on a course to achieve our marketing goals. Can’t recommend him enough.
Male client looking nervousMark, Financial Services in Glen Iris, VIC
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Our marketing services

How we help businesses connect, tell stories, inspire audiences to grow!

We only create marketing content and run campaigns for brands that have a marketing strategy in place. We believe this is the only way to achieve desired results.

1. Marketing Strategy

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What’s your purpose? What are your goals? Who are your audiences? What are your competitors doing and saying? What are your marketing messages? How do you communicate them? On what platforms? With what budget?

Answering these questions require brands to know and define their audiences, understand the market, clearly differentiate from competitors and brainstorm relevant ideas.

Just 10 collaborative workshops to get there. It’s practical and designed to help you hit the ground running!

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2. Marketing Implementation

Does your website need a refresh? What stories do you need to be telling? How do you regularly create content? How to make it high quality and relevant for audiences? How to be consistent? How to optimise?

Brands need to be constantly telling stories to move buyers through their funnels. We help brands create and publish marketing content, run ads and optimise for results.

We are a bolt-on marketing team. And we’re scalable – only engage the services you require.

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Bad marketers sell hope. Good marketers talk ROI. Keep your marketing team honest by having the hard conversation.

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Learn how to DIY

Our marketing workshops

Step Into Your Story

Brand storytelling for SMEs

Need to improve your sales conversion rate but not ready to engage a marketing agency? This workshop will help SME owners learn how to engage their target audiences and win trust using brand storytelling.

Next in-person workshop: 5 & 12 May 2023

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How to create an actionable marketing strategy

We’ve turned our signature service into a workshop. This workshop will help business coaches and marketing executives help grow the brands they serve. It begins with clearly defining target personas, differentiating from competitors, clarifying messages and creating relevant ideas.

Next in-person workshop: TBC

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Is advanced SEO more important than foundational SEO?2023-08-28T12:40:03+10:00

Advanced SEO can yield great results, but without a strong foundation, its impact might be limited. Foundational SEO sets the stage for long-term success.

How long does it take to see results from SEO efforts?2023-08-28T12:38:18+10:00

SEO is a gradual process. Depending on various factors, it might take a few months to start seeing significant results.

Can I skip keyword research and still rank well?2023-08-28T12:36:31+10:00

Keyword research is essential for understanding your audience’s intent. Skipping it could result in your content not reaching the right people.

What is the significance of user experience in SEO?2023-08-28T12:34:33+10:00

User experience matters because search engines aim to deliver the best results to users. A positive experience on your site can improve rankings.

Why should I invest in local SEO for my business?2023-08-28T12:34:44+10:00

Local SEO helps you tap into a targeted local audience. When people nearby search for your services, they’re more likely to find you.

How much do Marketing Implementation services cost?2023-01-03T12:36:20+10:00

Catalyst Content offers marketing implementation as a monthly subscription depending on the scope (how many articles, stories, social posts, emails, etc. per month). There is no lock-in period and only 2-months notice for cancellation.

Catalyst Content only offers ad-hoc implementation (once-off content creation) for clients that are already on a subscription.

Does Catalyst Content assist with moderating and responding to social media interactions?2023-01-03T12:31:08+10:00

Not at this stage. We are looking to offer this service in the future.

Does Catalyst Content assist with publishing and posting of content?2023-01-03T12:30:11+10:00

Yes, if this is required.

Why do SMEs require marketing implementation services?2023-01-03T12:21:00+10:00

It comes down to quality and consistency.

An individual marketing executive will not have the full set of skills to develop campaign content. For example, a skilled writer will not have the ability to design – and both skills are essential. Videography is also a very specific skill set. Engaging an agency (like Catalyst Content) will enable an SME to create quality content across the board.

SMEs often get their in-house talent to execute marketing on an ad-hoc basis. They often run out of steam and prioritise other work before marketing.

What is a campaign?2023-01-03T12:14:26+10:00

A campaign is a set of different marketing content assets (eg. a blog, a post, a video) that has a common theme or objective. A basic campaign consists of a blog article, some related social posts that link to the main article, and a marketing email that drives traffic to that article.

What marketing content does Catalyst Content create?2023-01-03T12:11:42+10:00

We create articles, videos, social posts, ads, PDFs and most commonly used printable collateral.

What is marketing implementation?2023-01-03T12:09:44+10:00

The execution of marketing strategy. This primarily involves the creation of marketing assets (content) and the publishing of that content on various platforms.

Will I be able to execute the strategy without Catalyst Content?2022-10-31T13:32:20+10:00

Absolutely! Download a sample Actionable Marketing Strategy to know what to expect in the document. It is simple and executable.

What happens after we create an Actionable Marketing Strategy?2022-10-31T13:31:07+10:00


Once your strategy is in place, you can either implement it internally or engage Catalyst Content to assist with its implementation.

The implementation activities include:

  • refreshing the website
  • creating campaigns (articles, social posts, emails)
  • creating journeys / sequences (both nurture and sales)
  • creating graphic templates for social channels (banners, posts, carousels, etc.)
Will I get publishable content out of the strategy exercise?2022-10-31T13:28:22+10:00

No – you will not have any articles, social posts, graphics or videos at the end of this exercise.

The purpose of the strategy is to guide the content creation.

At the end of the strategy exercise, your business will have:

  • clarity on the key messages (for both differentiation and building trust)
  • clarity on the brand story (both company and client)
  • clarity on what strategies to deploy
  • lots of ideas of pieces of content that could be created (including topics and themes)

Upon completion of the strategy exercise, the above may be transformed into content separately.

How long does it take to create an Actionable Marketing Strategy?2022-10-31T13:24:02+10:00

We take between 10 -13 weekly meetings to develop the strategy with the client.

We have found that anything shorter is too simplistic for most SMEs and therefore meaningless. Also, to drag out the strategy longer risks fatigue, losing inspiration / momentum and becoming overly complicated.

1 quarter (13 weeks) is the sweet spot.

How is the marketing strategy “actionable”?2022-10-31T13:20:59+10:00

Upon receiving the final strategy document and database of ideas, the business will clearly know what steps to take next and have a guide on how to execute it all.

Beyond just theory, the “actionable” strategy will lay out the next steps ahead.

An internal marketing director will be able to implement the strategy without the help of Catalyst Content.

What if I am shy or introverted?2022-08-18T11:13:59+10:00

Perfect! We too are introverts and understand the fear of being judged. Letting your story out into the world requires courage in increments. You will need to make a choice to embark on this journey – even just taking baby steps at first. As you have faith (in yourself and your story), so will your powers (and blessings!) be. We are confident you will grow in courage.

This course supports you by providing a safe environment for you to take baby steps and try your story out. While we will encourage you to actively post stories on your channels as you participate in the course, you will not be coerced or forced in any way. You share how much you are ready and happy to share at your own pace.

Will I be supported after the course?2022-08-18T11:07:01+10:00

Definitely! After the course, the trainer offers a further 2 FREE hours (valid over 6 months) to help you refine your stories. We want you to get the best possible outcome and ROI from your storytelling efforts.

Will the trainer review my content assets and stories between sessions?2022-08-18T11:06:03+10:00

Absolutely! We want you to get the best possible stories out into the world. Our trainer will review the homework you submit and provide detailed notes over the period of the course.

Is “Step into your story” a course or a practical workshop with content deliverables?2022-08-18T11:03:06+10:00

Both. We take a practical approach – participants will learn by doing. Some of the digital assets will be workshopped / developed in-course, while others will be completed as homework.

The quality of the deliverables will, to a degree, depend on the how much time the participant invests in the doing and sharing their work (both with the cohort during the sessions, and with the trainer between sessions).

What is your refund policy?2022-08-17T16:11:49+10:00

2-weeks before the course start date, we are happy to refund 100% of the fees paid less the processing costs incurred.

Within the 2-week period before the course date, there will be no refunds.

After the course is completed by the participant, should the participant not be happy with the outcome, we are happy to issue a partial / full refund as requested – no questions asked.

How long is the “Step into your story” course?2022-08-15T16:01:04+10:00

The course is delivered over 3 days.

How much does the “Step into your story” course cost?2022-08-18T10:58:43+10:00

Participants can choose to either pay $1,600 upfront or 3 x $600 instalments (monthly from date of enrolment).

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Let’s make it happen for you!

It begins with a conversation. You don’t need a complete vision. Just a desire to do better.

“Manesh takes the time to patiently understand your business and what you are aiming to achieve with your marketing assets… I have experienced a renewed passion for the work that we undertake and now have a deeper understanding of how to better control and maximise our return on investment for our marketing spend.”


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